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Do you have constant leg pain? A long day of running, injury, and many factors can cause pain in the legs. Many times, we neglect leg pain without knowing it could be a symptom of something serious. So, how to know if your aching leg is a minor discomfort or an indicator of something serious? We will talk about when to worry about leg pain and more in this blog; keep reading!

Should I Visit the Doctor Right Away for My Painful Leg?

In some cases, leg pain should not be ignored. In fact, you should make an appointment with your healthcare provider immediately for leg pain in the following situations:

  • You experience leg pain while or after walking.
  • Both or one of your legs is swollen
  • Leg pain gets worse
  • Home treatments do not reduce the symptoms
  • You’re dealing with painful varicose veins
  • Legs feel colder than the rest of the body
  • Legs feel heavy
  • Unhealing wounds on legs
  • There’s unusual tenderness, warmth, or redness in the affected leg
  • Your calves start aching following long periods of sitting
  • Legs have hair loss

When to Worry About Leg Pain

Some health conditions responsible for leg pain require immediate medical attention. Therefore, you may need more than leg pain treatment in the following conditions:

Peripheral Arterial Disease

Also referred to as poor circular, peripheral arterial disease is fairly common, and it affects many individuals. When plaque builds up in the artery, it reduces blood flow, leading to potential complications. Smoking, diabetes, and a family history of heart issues put you at greater risk for this condition. Therefore, make sure you go for diagnostic lab testing at any certified vascular lab to check if you have artery or vein disease.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

You should worry about leg pain if your legs look discolored and swollen, along with fatigue and discomfort. Usually, it occurs because the blood in the legs pools in the veins since it cannot flow back to the heart. As a result, the pooled blood applies pressure on the legs, leading to more health complications. You may be at risk of CVI if you are:

  • Aged above 50
  • Overweight or obese
  • A smoker
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle
  • Working a job that requires you to stand or sit for an extended period of time
  • Family history of varicose veins
  • Pregnant


If you are a diabetic, do not take leg pain lightly. You may confuse leg pain with aging or neuropathy — but no matter the cause, you should never dismiss stiffness or pain in your legs as something minor. Always visit a healthcare provider for leg pain as it may signify something severe.

Final Word

Do not take your leg pain lightly, especially if it just becomes worse. Therefore, just to be sure, visit our team at Memorial Cardiology Associates for proper diagnosis and treatment. Head to our clinic or get in touch with us at:

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