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Life Expectancy Post Heart Attack: A Detailed Guide

Jun 15, 202473 Views

A heart attack is a wake-up call for your heart health. While you’ll recover in the hospital, things might look a little different afterward. After a heart attack, you’ll likely see a cardiologist more often and make some changes to your lifestyle to keep your heart happy. This is all good stuff to help your […]

How To Detox After Nuclear Stress Test?

May 30, 2024327 Views

Nuclear cardiovascular tests evaluate the function of one’s heart and detect potential cardio issues. Although the test is safe, it involves administering a small amount of radioactive material. After the test, it is important to detoxify your body to get rid of any remaining radiation. Stick with us until the end of this blog as […]

What Causes Restless Leg Syndrome To Flare Up?

May 15, 2024149 Views

Restless leg syndrome, or RLS, causes a strong urge to move your legs when resting. It can also cause strange sensations like itching, crawling, pulling, or throbbing. Although there’s no cure for RLS, there are treatments that can help. If you’re interested in learning about RLS, here’s everything you need to know about the condition, […]

Is Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy A Serious Heart Condition?

Apr 30, 2024180 Views

Some people don’t know they have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy because they don’t feel any different. But sometimes, the thickened heart muscle can lead to serious problems like difficulty breathing or chest pain. But “Is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy a serious heart condition?” In rare cases, it can cause dangerous irregular heartbeats or sudden death because of changes in […]

Is Chronic Venous Insufficiency A Disability: Does It Qualify As One?

Apr 15, 2024831 Views

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) is a common but serious problem in which the veins in your legs can’t properly send blood back to your heart. This causes blood to gather in the veins, which is called stasis. CVI has many symptoms, such as swollen legs, bulging veins, painful leg cramps, or sores that won’t heal. […]

When To Go To The Hospital For Rapid Heart Rate?

Mar 30, 2024192 Views

Tachycardia, a heart rate of 100 beats per minute or more, can occur when you exercise, feel stressed, or consume too much caffeine. But it could also mean your heart rhythm is wrong or indicate some underlying cardiac issue. Deciding if you need to go to the hospital for a fast heartbeat depends on your […]


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