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How Long is a Stress Test?

Oct 30, 2022233 Views

Stress test, a method of diagnostic testing, takes place in two parts and is used to monitor how your heart works when you indulge in physical activities. Since the heart pumps harder and faster during exercise, the exercise stress test helps determine if your heart has blood flow issues. You may have to jog on […]

5 Things You Can’t Do with a Pacemaker & What to Avoid Immediately

Oct 15, 2022217 Views

Helping your heart maintain a constant rhythm, a pacemaker is implanted under your skin. This small electronic device treats distressing symptoms like arrhythmia, improving your heart’s function. To insert your pacemaker, your cardiologist will make an incision on your skin. This will create a pocket where they’ll place the pacemaker. After the procedure, you’ll have […]