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Diagnostic Heart Rhythms: Arrhythmia Vs Dysrhythmia

Feb 15, 202450 Views

Exploring arrhythmia vs dysrhythmia is like comparing two siblings. when it comes to arrhythmia, It’s all about irregular rhythms, but not necessarily dangerous. On the other hand, dysrhythmia gets into the nitty-gritty of abnormal heart rhythms. It’s not just about irregular beats; dysrhythmia gets into the details, examining the specific disruptions in the heart’s electrical […]

How Does The Circulatory System Work With The Digestive System?

Jan 30, 2024184 Views

When you eat, your digestive system starts breaking the food into nutrients. Your body needs these nutrients to function properly. Now, these nutrients can’t stay in your stomach. So, your circulatory system acts as a transportation crew using your bloodstream as a highway. That’s how the nutrients are circulated throughout your body. Your circulatory system […]

Atrial Fibrillation vs. Atrial Flutter

Jan 15, 202498 Views

The upper chambers of your heart, called “Atria,” contract blood and pass it toward the bottom chambers, called “Ventricles.” If a short circuit occurs, that changes this contraction rate. Conditions like atrial fibrillation and Atrial flutter. The main difference lies in the pulse rate; atrial flutter is mild and has a low chance of clot […]

Can Dehydration Cause Heart Palpitations?

Dec 30, 2023126 Views

Summers are a time of rising temperatures. It brings fun activities like pool parties to flaunt that bikini body you have worked on all winter. And not to forget the cocktails and popsicles that calm your nerves down. However, all this can end in smoke due to an energy-draining fact, dehydration. Why Does Dehydration Increase […]

When to Worry About Varicose Veins to Seek Treatment

Dec 15, 2023157 Views

Varicose veins are no mystery to us. We have always seen them on our arm, used for IV drips. However, them appearing suddenly anywhere under your skin can be scary. This can happen as we get older. These bulging veins are not life-threatening but indicate something is wrong beyond a cosmetic concern. Are Varicose Veins […]

What To Expect After Vein Ablation

Nov 30, 2023128 Views

If you have varicose or spider veins, your cardiologist might recommend a vein ablation procedure. It is an extremely beneficial and minimally invasive procedure that allows you to live your life symptom-free. So, what to expect after vein ablation? Read this blog to learn. What is Vein Ablation? The vein ablation procedure is performed by […]

Is It Possible to Pass Out From AFib?

Nov 15, 2023211 Views

Atrial fibrillation is a condition that causes many symptoms. The fluttering in your chest might seem non-serious at first, but it can develop into a serious condition. It is always best to visit a heart specialist and receive a proper diagnosis as well as treatment. If you have this condition, you might have seen fainting […]

Why Can I See My Veins? 11 Reasons Why It Happens

Oct 30, 2023393 Views

Veins are responsible for bringing deoxygenated blood back to the heart. Generally, people with lighter skin tend to have more visible veins, but there are other factors behind it. So, if you are wondering, ‘Why can I see my veins?’ there could be certain reasons why it happens. While most causes of visible veins are […]

Heart Palpitations After Night — What Could It Be?

Oct 15, 2023263 Views

Do you have heart palpitations at night? Our heart pumps blood throughout our body, but it also reacts to the emotions we feel. Have you ever had a pounding heart before presenting in your class? Or, perhaps you felt your heart drop at bad news. One such reaction is when your heart flutters — while […]

4 Times When Swelling of the Leg is Dangerous

Sep 30, 2023247 Views

Do you have swollen legs? Also known as edema, this condition affects many individuals, and it could have multiple underlying factors. While it is not something that requires immediate medical attention, it may be a tell-tale sign of serious issues, such as vein conditions or heart disease. So, is swelling of the legs dangerous? What […]


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