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4 Common Types of Cardiac Event Monitor

Sep 15, 2023110 Views

Have you heard of a cardiac event monitor? It provides the cardiologist with essential data regarding your heart’s condition, which proves to be really crucial for a diagnosis. So, if you have noticed symptoms that are not frequent, wearing a monitor for a few weeks might help you receive information about what is going on. […]

Loop Recorder Pros and Cons: Everything You Should Know

Aug 30, 2023460 Views

There are many groundbreaking advancements in medicine, with effective treatments for all kinds of heart issues. Many people have heart-related issues, such as arrhythmia. Thanks to modern medicine, we now have a small electronic device that monitors the heart rhythm to help with diagnosis as well as treatment of your condition. In this blog, we […]

How Long Will I Live with Blocked Arteries?

Aug 15, 2023534 Views

Did you recently find out about your blocked arteries? You might be wondering how long you can live with them. To answer, there is no definitive time or lifespan with coronary artery calcification. Still, you can work to prevent your arteries from becoming blocked and reverse the condition. All you need is to incorporate some […]

7 Restrictions While Wearing A Holter Monitor You Must Follow

Jul 30, 20234231 Views

When your heart skips a beat, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in love; sometimes, it can be an indication that you need instant medical attention. Holter monitor is a compact device used for event monitoring, and it records your heart’s activity throughout the day, regardless of the time. Generally, you have to wear it for […]

Untangling the Web: Difference Between Spider Veins vs. Varicose Veins

Jul 15, 2023411 Views

You might have heard of spider veins and varicose veins, but do you know how are they different? Spider veins are the smaller version of varicose veins, and they’re both dilated blood vessels that result from weak walls or valves of veins. The primary difference between spider veins vs. varicose veins, then, is their appearance […]


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